Monday, March 01, 2004

Oscars wrap-up

Not much to say about the dull ceremony last night, except to register my surprise that even Sean Penn and Tim Robbins have been de-fanged by our politically sanitized culture. Not that I think political grandstanding has ever done any good, but at least protests might've punch up this otherwise dull procession of hobbits and hobbit-makers. As usual, Crystal's cheesy in a tolerable way, and Jack Black rules. Pretty good tribute to Kate Hepburn, the last of the old Hollywood legends. I just wish someone other than Julia Roberts presented the solid clip (centered more on the peak of her career, the early, awesome comedies with Grant and Tracy (that went largely unrecognized by the Academy, Philadelphia Story excepted) rather than the filmed plays and the self-important drama she did later in her career (which the Academy loved)).

Good job with the Wong Kar-wai shout-out, pretentious Sofia. No Spike spike?
Bad job voters being so predictable, Oscar voters.
But good job at least giving the top award to a good movie, not like last year.

Plus: that tool Billy ("Watt's up?") whatever that hosted the red carpet show must die.

Who's hot: Scarlett, Naomi, Scarlett, Julianne (as always on Oscar night), Scarlett, Charlize, Scarlett, Susan Sarandon.
Surprisingly not that hot last night: Nicole, Diane Lane.
Suprising hot: Renee, Shohreh.
Hot, in a homely kinda way: Sofia, Samantha Morton.
Librarian fetish award: Liv Tyler.
Overrated babes who dolled up beautifully: CZJ and Lara Croft.
Just overrated: Jennifer Garner, Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Uma.
Christina Ricci award for hottest looking alien: Vanessa Paradis.

Out of the guys: Johnny Depp looked good. Ken Watanabe showed that Asian men aren't all William Hungs. Jude Law was a bit pale. And Elijah Wood almost looked human.