Friday, May 30, 2008

Spurs: bowing out with class and grace (paying attention, HRC?)

Gotta respect the Spurs. They could've thrown a Cuban-style hissy fit when the refs swallowed their whistle at the end of Game 4, when Derek Fisher clearly jumped into Brent Barry with a few seconds left and the Spurs trailing by two. That might've given Barry two (or even three) foul shots. The no-call cost the Spurs the game. (Even the NBA later acknowledged that Fisher did indeed foul Barry.) But instead of stirring the pot, the Spurs defused the controversy, graciously commenting that refs want players to decide the game at the end.

No whining, they fought hard, lost to the better team and exited with grace. Classy champions to the end. Here's to hoping a certain sore loser will start taking some notes. God knows some of her supporters (and especially her self-pitying, paranoid husband) sure need to be taught a lesson on class and grace.[1]

Hillary, don't be like this:

[1] To be fair, this week, I saw my first "Bros Before Hoes" shirt (with cartoons of Obama and Clinton) by the courthouse in downtown LA, worn by a twentysomething Amjack. Such patently offensive displays of sexism were far too common in this campaign, and Hillary-supporters are correct to point out the double standard. However, she didn't lose because of sexism. She lost because she became a casualty of her campaign's incompetence and her (and her advisors') transparent dishonesty.