Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Yesterday, I voted...

...for Edwards and "No" on all the propositions. I typically vote no on propositions because (as I've previously mentioned) the California's initiative system is an abysmal way to govern. Complex budgetary issues put up for a vote from a citizentry who, by and large, learned most of what they know about propositions only from propoganda aired on TV and radio. Whoever makes the best propoganda wins; and the bond measures to finance California's enormous $15 billion dollar debt passed on the strength of Arnold's propoganda. Yeah, the same Arnold who claimed he's against "Special Interests" and went to New York and collected millions to finance his Yes on 57 & 58 campaign from the yankee financiers who'll make a killing if the bond passes. The same Arnold who was supposed to "clean up" Sacramento and save $15 billion by cutting waste.

Oh, but I forgot, this dude was CONAN. He beat up Wilt the Stilt forgodsakes. How can we not listen to him?

Nobody who paid any serious attention to the recall election should be surprised by Arnold's cynical hypocrisy, but to be fair, Arnold's has been largely a centrist and pragmatic governor so far. Still, I'd rather not bear the debt burden of the guy's craven refusal to raise any taxes, even though that bond measure will patch up this state's budgetary problems in the short term.

I probably should've voted yes on Prop 56, which would change the procedure for approving the budget in California from 2/3 of the legislature to 55%. Procedural matters that can't be decided by the legislature (and certain bond measures) are really the only matters that should be decided by the public on the ballot. But I pulled a retarded move and voted no. It didn't matter anyway, as that measure went down to defeat.

Wasn't a big fan of having to vote for Superior Court judges either. I passed on voting for any of them, even though I'd actually appeared in front of some of the judges on the ballot as an attorney.

A shitty day. Later that night, the fuckheads at VICE didn't have it together and shut my and my pals out of an advance screening of ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND at the Arclight which they promoted. We did get into the afterparty at the new hip spot Spider Club, but neither the venue nor the party was anything to write home about. (I just wanted to make sure Kate wasn't there.) And it only confirmed that Defarge and New Edition are the new Prince and MJ for cheesy club DJs tired of spinning "Kiss" for the 83,000th time.