Friday, March 18, 2005

Teams to Root Against

Who said hate is bad, when it can produce such scathingly funny results? It goes without saying that the two most loathsome franchises in college basketball, Duke and Stanfurd, are included. But who knew about the "Mocs" of Tenn-Chattanooga?

As for the Big Dance itself, I've watched perhaps 45 total minutes of college basketball this year, my interest waning as the play of my beloved Bears went to hell and the sad second-stringers at Michigan couldn't pick up the slack. Out of the tourney teams, I've only seen Illinois play for more than 5 minutes. So I'll go with the safe pick.

Oh, and yes, the congressional hearings on steroids were a joke. Where's Alan Alda when you need him?

Monday, March 14, 2005

Blue Monday

Still buzzing off some of the great rep movies I saw this weekend, especially Otto Preminger's Daisy Kenyon, a revelation. But more on that later in the week.

Today has brought online a highly touted profile of cartoonist Adrian Tomine, written by my ex-common law wife. The most newsworthy item here is that the stodgy U.S. News & Monthly Stories on the Bible gave 3 pages to a subject better suited to a Giant Robot cover story. Good job seizing that (somewhat) prized chunk of real estate, Mrs. MuseMalade. Good story, too, though I'd like to have more stuff on Dan Clowes.

A more stressful item is the following report that the NY Times might charge for content soon. Since it's the NY Times itself that's reporting it, you gotta think they're floating a trial balloon. If this means anything: Please no!

Lastly, multi-disc DVDs have gotten out of control. D'you think the Korean lesbo teen horror movie Memento Mori should really warrant a six (6) DVD set? Me neither.