Friday, September 22, 2006

Obama on Webb

Let's just settle it now. This man will be the first black president one day.

Here Obama is introducing the most compelling candidate of this cycle, Jim Webb. The rugged Webb, war hero and novelist, is running against "pond scum" George Allen, a racist, pretend cowboy with the IQ of Dubya's asscheeks. He is that bad. Webb, like my man Wesley Clark, hits that sweet spot of brawn + brain: highly credentialed military men who were smart enough to oppose the War in Iraq from the start. If only either of them can absorb just a fraction of Obama's political skills...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

blog update

I just installed a nifty bookmark javascript which will provide a linkroll of tagged articles posted on the right sidebar. This little upgrade is done in the hopes of (1) curing me of the temptation to post a link to a good article about which I have nothing to say; and (2) making me a tad more motivated and systematic about tagging and archiving interesting articles. Learn how to create a linkroll on your blog here.

For those of you who use Firefox, I recommend this add-on. Also, do not use the Google Accelerator, aka the web decelerator.