Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Should I move this blog to TypePad?

If you check out TypePad blogs like James Callan's and Mark Schmitt's, isn't their useability and layout so much more appealing than Blogspot-hosted blogs like this one? It certainly is for me. So I'm thinking of packing up my bags and hopping on over there. The biggest consideration is archiving by categories, since I've never been that interested in writing the topical one-liner type of blog. Actually I've never been that interested in keeping up a site, so this blog surviving even this long is something of a shock. (I suppose when I switch to a more serious job as I planned to do shortly, updates will be even more sporadic. We'll see.)

Only drawbacks as far as I can see:

(1) comments don't seem to be importable. I'd like to save the old reader comments since many of them are more interesting than the actual entries on which they are commenting;
(2) I've got like 20 drafts concerning all kinds of shit (review of Ozu movies, travel journal, etc.) saved here that I'd never finish if I went over to movable type. But maybe that's a good thing.

Anyone care to comment on this?