Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Coming Attractions

If anybody's still paying attention...hello!

Updates soon. A sneak preview of the fun that awaits you:

- Girls with disturbing 12 year-old boy jones, and why they target me!

- Why Russell Crowe rules! (Plus a rundown of the last five movies I've seen, all graded "B+"!)

- How the Sox fanatic message board convinced Curt Schilling to come to the Sox! (The first recorded instance of an internet message board having a real-life effect!)

- Bitches loathed by other women but tolerated by men -- what's up with that!

- The long-awaited Lost in Translation/Demonlover review! (Yeah, right.)

- Electoral map discussion!

- Paean to Carole Lombard, currently honored by LACMA with her own series!

- The real dirt on Jacko!

All to be completed before the end of the year! (I'm really doing this entry to give myself some pressure to update this forsaken thing.)