Friday, April 21, 2006

more lazy blogging

* "Pedro Martinez credits success to lucky midgets, sun god, magic beads". So says the Onion. It wouldn't be so funny if it weren't so close to the truth.

* Clemens in a Sox uniform by June? The Rocket is reportedly leaning towards finishing his career with the team that drafted him. Which. Will. Be. So. Awesome. (If it happens.)

* Go Clips!

* Kobe for MVP, Sports Guy argues. He makes a pretty good case; I'd just add that this will be the last chance before LeBron runs off about eight MVPs in a row. That said, I can't get behind the Sports Guy's badly misjudged marriage of Pearl Jam fanboyism and NBA playoff punditry. Sorry, Bill. This piece doesn't work, though I got your back on this quote:

Maybe the gloomiest Pearl Jam song ("Black") goes to the gloomiest playoffs subplot ... the looming possibility of another Pistons-Spurs Finals. I like watching both teams separately, just not at the same time, if that makes sense. Kinda like Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn.
* Speaking of which, the trailer to the Vaughn-Aniston rom-com The Break-Up (directed by Peyton Reed -- can this actually not suck ass?!?) has caused a stir in some corners of the blogosphere. Why? I suppose it has something to do with a scene that showcases a certain grooming trend that takes its name from a certain soccer-lovin', Carnival-celebratin', Portugese-speakin', hot-bootied country in South America.

* My ideal POTUS would: be right on the big issues -- the biggest being global warming, the Iraq invasion, the war against al Qaeda, and the increasing income/wealth gap. Be a good manager of people. Smart. Experienced. Creative. Leads. Has integrity. It would help if s/he has experience governing during a period of peace & prosperity. In short, I want a Prez who is everything that the current President isn't.

This person is a pure fantasy you say? Not so. He exists. We'll just have to re-elect him.

* Is the Poker boom flattening? Yes, says the NY Times. But how then to explain the phenomenal growth of Party Poker this year? (Easy, Party is mining Euros to make up for the dwindling supply of potential American poker players. Good job. I can't wait until they make it in Asia, a market of about a hundred million would-be gambling addict -- at least until those Asians become good. Then bye-bye online poker.)

* To tease out the meaning of the last comment: having absolutely no information, these are the types I least want to see at my poker table: (1) a wily 40-something Vietnamese guy; (2) a Jewish cap-donning collegiate- type who knows chip tricks; (3) anybody who looks like Philip Baker Hall; (4) any obese dude. I do not welcome the creation of many more good deceptive Asian poker players. I want to play players who are either predictable fish or predictable ABC players.