Friday, August 05, 2005

local matters

* L.A.-area movie nerds oughta subscribe to Film Radar, if they haven't done so already. Film Radar is a one-stop source for arthouse/revival movie listings, and if you're on the e-mail list, you often get invited to free screenings. Karie Bible, who runs the site/list, also organize movie nerd outings. Also, it's good for girlfriends of said nerds to subscribe, if only so they know where their boyfriend is supposed to be that night. ("Nice try, but according to Film Radar, the Ermanno Olmi double-header screens next week. And why do you have so many one dollar bills in your pocket?")

* For urban planning movie nerds (Adam?): my friend Julie needs your help. She's trying to program a film series about "homelessness, displacement, and gentrification", which will be shown to L.A.-area youth. She needs movie suggestions, and the films should be fairly accessible. The movies posted on the blog thus far sound like titles from Jonathan Rosenbaum's DVD collection, with Bresson's Mouchette and Vigo's Apropos de Nice listed, along with more on-point movies like City of Hope and Public Housing. Surely someone can help. If you have any ideas, go to the project's blog and post some recommendations. Or you can post nonsequitur remarks about how La Promesse rules. That's always a fun thing to do during a work break.

* Lastly, LA Times media critic David Shaw died of a brain tumor this week. He was the most provocative regular columnist for the Times, and his often astute, sometimes just plain cranky commentary will be missed.