Friday, November 17, 2006

Unleash Hell

"Find them, bind them, tie them to a pole and break
their fingers to splinters, drag them to a hole until they wake up naked --
clawing at the ceiling of their graves"

November 18, 2006 may lack the historical import of November 7, 2006, but the battles that will be waged tomor
row will be no less fierce, the combatants no less determined.
Just as good stomped evil two Tuesdays ago, tomorrow promises to a joyous day for white hats. The #2 Wolverines, with their fearsome front seven and top playmakers, will shock top-ranked Ohio State. The Buckeyes haven't played an offense with so many skilled players all year (their win at overrated Texas came before the emergence of prodigy Colt McCoy). And they won't be able to dominate the line of scrimmage. In possibly the biggest game in the history of this great rivalry, Big Blue will win it for Bo.

The nightcap will see the Bears maul the hated Trojans, thus delivering a double death blow to our favorite spoiled retarded right-wing OC babies. Last week, the Bears lost a heartbreaking fluke of a game in which every bad call and bounce of the ball went against them. It won't happen again. The Trojans woke up after their loss to Oregon State but the Bears will make two or three big plays that will break the back of the boys from Troy. Look out for USC cheerleader retardation after DeSean Jackson runs one back in the 4th. Also, good job Stewart Mandel.