Friday, December 17, 2004

"Loving all types of Asian women"

Check out this shameless ad on the D.C. Craig's List. I like how the dude broke it down into ethnic categories, with his rankings largely corresponding to the Asian ethnic totem pole.

Speaking of Craig's List ads, a friend of mine has been posting various personals (including ads seeking out "underfed metrosexual hipster man-children" and Indian intellectuals), and she tells me that one common response is for a prospective date to e-mail a photo of his penis in close-up. I can't imagine that move working, but who knows?

Also, from the same friend, a tip: if you're out eating sushi on a date, do not eat more pieces than you're supposed to. Example: You order four pieces of hamachi to share. Do not horde three. Eat your two and leave the other two for your date, unless you are given permission to take more than your fair share. If you do get greedy, an observant date will note your sense of entitlement and will not want to see you again.

My suggestion in this situation: quickly but inconspicuously wolf down two pieces. Then, during a break in conversation, look anxiously around the restaurant with a vaguely ravenous look, a look that says "where's my fucking food?" Your date will notice and ask, "are you hungry?" You can reply: "Oh, just a little. I had a light lunch, but I can hang on until my soba gets here." If your date is not a bitch, she will offer the last piece to you. That's your cue: take it apologetically but without hesitation, before she changes her mind.