Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Idiot Box

Note to would-be electronics product designers and engineers: please do not leave buttons that control essential functions out of the console itself, believing that having such a button on the remote control would suffice. For example, when designing a television set, do not place the TV/Video switch button only on the remote for fear that this extra button would somehow compromise the television's sleek, minimalist design.

Believe it or not, remote controls may malfunction. And break. And sometimes, they may even go missing. This should be noted during times when a guy needs to check out his new DVD of the awesome Irma Vep, if only to freeze frame shots of Maggie in a black leather catsuit, only to find out his TV remote has malfunctioned. He will become incredibly frustrated when he finds out that the TV/Video switch is not located on the TV itself, leaving him no way to watch his DVDs.