Friday, July 16, 2004

Priority Movies (of relevance only to a select few)

(This post is of interest only to the handful of P&B readers who also double as my moviegoing companions. So let me know what you're interested in seeing, buds.)

The following is a list of movies in current release I would consider watching, ranked on 1-5 point scale (with 5 being "I'll drop everything" and 1 being "buy me a ticket and I'll check it out"):

1. Before Sunset (5)
Why? I will throw a fit if I don't see this movie this weekend.
2. Metallica: Some Kind of Monster (4)
Why? Ecstatic reviews; interesting subject matter, and memories of the band kicking G N' R's ass at Dodger Stadium in 1992.
3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (3)
Why? Alfonso Cuaron.
4. The Corporation (3)
Why? Supposedly a thought-provoking take on the world's most important institution.
5. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (3)
Why? Why is it so funny to watch grown men get pelted with a rubber ball and other objects? Also, see ESPN commercial with Randy Johnson.
6. Troy (3)
Why? Fuck the naysayers. I still think this movie will kick ass.
7. Napoleon Dynamite (3)
Why? Looks like a funny cross between Wes Anderson and Todd Solondz, but also looks like the quirky Sundance movie from hell.
8. Maria Full of Grace (2)
Why? Is this didactic-looking realist drama really supposed to be this good?
9. Anchorman (2)
Why? Will Ferrell's kinda funny.
10. Baadasssss! (2)
Why? Looks like a movie for geeks, 'cept I still haven't seen Sweet Sweetback.
11. Super-Size Me (2)
Why? Has anyone not seen this?
12. Riding Giants (2)
Why? Dogtown & Z Boys was fun enough.
13 The Terminal (2)
Why? Looks bad, but I haven't missed a Spielberg movie since...
14. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (1) [corrected]
Why? The only watchable Clive Owen movie out there.
15. De-lovely (1)
Why? Supposedly awful, but even if the rockies may tumble and Gibraltar may crumble Cole's still my man.
16. Zhou Yu's Train (1)
Why? Doesn't Gong Li get neekid in this? Does anyone know? If yes, move up 8 places.
17. The Story of Weeping Camel (1)
Why? Please don't make me watch this.
18. The Door in the Floor (1)
Why? Surprisingly good Dargis review, and Bridges supposedly awesome, but the trailer was so crappy.