Wednesday, July 14, 2004


- Let's hope Missy spends her time away from the blogosphere productively and return rejuvenated and refreshed. I'll miss her witty ruminations on pop culture ephemera.

- Has anyone watched Jeopardy lately? This guy Kevin Jennings is an absolute monster, like the real life version of the kid from Magnolia. He's just destroying the competition like Mike Tyson in his heyday. Truly awesome to behold. (Jeopardy changed its rules recently so that winners stay on until they're beaten, so Jennings can conceivably go on for a year or two.)

- Barack Obama, whom I'd hyped here, has just been chosen to deliver the keynote address at the Democratic convention. (Tradition holds that you pick a rising star to be the keynote speaker; Clinton famously delivered a dud in '88.) And Mike Ditka decided not to run against him. And so the ascent continues unabated.