Friday, July 16, 2004

I'm mad as hell and...could you pass the wasabi please?

Is Jeb rigging the election again for his big bro? On his blog, Kevin Drum expresses outrage that Jeb Bush compiled a voter purge list that included a ton of
African-Americans, but only 50 Latinos (out of 47,000 supposed ex-felons).  Given that African-Americans vote overwhelmingly for Dems and Florida Latinos (especially Cubans) traditionally favor the GOP, this is deeply troubling, especially considering the Jeb and co.'s legerdemain in 2000. 

Does Osama support Kerry for Prez?
On his blog, Josh Marshall expresses outrage that a branch of the Kentucky Republican Party is handing out signs that say:

"Kerry is bin Laden's Man/Bush is My Man." Never mind that nobody has
done more for al Qaida recruitment and incite hatred around the world
for Americans -- not even bin Laden himself -- than good ol' Dubya. As
the theory in Unbreakable goes, the hero would be lost if he didn't have his archnemesis.

Evil Bush destroying our National Parks to curry favor with loggers? On their site, The Onion finds liberals, no, it looks like they've exhausted all their liberal outrage. Damn.