Monday, August 23, 2004

More SwiftBoatLies

The Gold for definitive Swift Boat smackdown goes to the Boston Globe editorial page. Silver goes to Business Week's Thane Anderson. Bronze to the tag-team of Chris Matthews and especially the sharp Keith Olbermann on MSNBC, the only two cable news shows worth watching.

The real story, of course, isn't in the op-ed pieces, but here: Bill Rood, an editor of the Chicago Tribune (no lefty paper) and the only surviving swift boat skipper who was with Kerry on the day for which Kerry won a Silver Star, got fed up with the lies and wrote a vivid, fair, and compelling first-person account of what happened in 1969. Kerry was a badass after all. And the SwiftBoatLiars remain what they are: liars.

Lastly, probably Kerry's best ad this election, courtesy of John McCain. I love that spotlight on Bush's clueless expression at the end. It's only an internet ad, but they should run it in a few states.