Tuesday, June 29, 2004

this 'n that

  • A follow-up on the discussion between me and Donna on polarization. Here's David Brooks making some of the same points.

  • Speaking of partisanship, here's an interesting discussion about Bush's loathsome ad splicing Hitler into footage of Democrats railing against his policies. This is under the guise of Bush's retarded "Optimist" theme, which Kinsley eviscerated here. I suppose when you can't possibly make a case for your credibility, competence, or effectiveness, why not go with "Optimism"? You don't have to point to a record of achievement; all you gotta do is smile a lot. But politically, the optimism angle pre-empts any criticism by tagging the critic as "pessimistic." And Kerry, stupidly, is playing into Bush's hands.

  • Hipster meccas springing everywhere? An interesting thinkpiece in the LA Times about how urban planning is now about attracting a hip crowd -- gays, single folks, and the creative class -- by throwing money at museums, trendy bars and restaurants, loft developments, etc. What's sacrificed is a stable population in a neighborhood with schools, factories, etc.

  • Lastly, for those movie nerds sparring about Fahrenheit 9/11 elsewhere, check out prominent liberal blogger Kevin Drum comparing Moore's dishonest techniques to those deployed by war supporters. A well-argued post that gives fodder to both sides.