Thursday, May 20, 2004

Wanker comes in under the gun.

Wong Kar-wai reportedly flew in from Bangkok last night with the missing reels of 2046, which he had been cutting up until then. By wanking past the deadline, Wong forced the festival to reschedule some of the film's screenings.

Well, let's hope they were able to slap on some subtitles on this belatedly arrived section. And let's hope Our Man at Cannes, squeezed out of the first press screening, can make the midnight screening to assign that 61.

Added: Initial reaction from the first screening of 2046: gorgeous but confusing (like Ashes of Time, as I predicted?).

Another link! A.O. Scott, in the fastest turnaround in the history of the Times, fires off a (mostly) glowing piece on 2046 and the other Asian films at the fest. He didn't even dis Hong and actually liked Tropical Melody!

[Thanks to my buddy Mumon for the link.]