Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Parallel Universe + Guy Maddin Superstar

Apparently, this LA dude blogs largely about politics and film, and now posts daily reports from some cyclist cineaste at the Cannes Film Festival. He even linked to my Greencine post! And I would've never known had I not checked the referral page from Sitemeter.

Also check out: Matt Prigge's blog Kidney Bingos, who frequently updates with new substantive musings on movies old and new.

Other interesting hits to me from Sitemeter recently (because I have so much random text on my links section, this blog really fuck up a lot of google searches):

- A google search of "Ivan Drago photos"

- An AOL search for "Josh Beckett site"

- Some horndog looking for see-through photos of Kerry's daughter from Cannes: "Matt Drudge + Caroline Kerry + Dress + Cannes" (Here, I'll help you out, bud. Plus, it's "Alexandra"; seems you've confused Kerry with another JFK.)

- A google search for "Metric Assayas Clean" which led to me this story about the band Metric being featured in the new Assayas film. (Please let this movie be awesome.)

Final note: The Saddest Music in the World is much better than I've been led to believe. Typically demented and hilarious, but with melodramatic core that Guy Maddin that kinda takes seriously. It's a beautiful document of Maddin's mature style -- a potent stew of German expressionism spiked with bursts of Kino-eye kineticism that, unlike some of his less successful works, is completely keyed-in to the film's emotional ebb and flow. Nominee for scene of the year: Serbia v. Spain.

Can Cowards Bend the Knee be anything other than completely amazing?