Friday, July 25, 2003

Yanks/Sox Round 4

As I write, the Yanks and Sox are all tied up at 2. Pedro having thrown 100 pitches through 6. The stakes for this game couldn't be higher. Two years ago, the Sox stayed competitive with the Yanks until they faded in their now patented fall swoon. This season, the Sox's potent offensive attack leads the league in every important offensive category except homers, and Theo Epstein may have now assembled a staff with staying power. With the Yankees restocking (Williams and Nick ".900 OPS" Johnson returning, and Benitez added to fortify their shaky bullpen), we can't count on them to self-destruct. With the Sox 2 1/2 games back (and Pedro's start moved so he can face the Yankees), taking 2 out of 3 is crucial. If the Sox lose the series, the rest of the summer will be spent bracing myself for the swoon. Such is the curse of the Sox fan.

[Addendum: Misery averted!]