Tuesday, July 22, 2003

A Hasty Prelude

What am I into? Best to first answer the negative. I dislike self-delusion, tripe in pho, Forrest Gump, ideology, moral certitude, Ja Rule, religious fundamentalism, people who lack of curiosity, cold sores, humorlessness, dogmatic anti-intellectualism disguised as "macho common-sense" (read: talk radio), dogma, Dancer in the Dark, hyper-nationalism, neocons, feel-good British "art films", scabs (by that I mean blood-dried flesh wounds, not strike-breakers), identity politics, and pessimists (and I do recognize the irony of including this item here).

Let's answer the other question. I like looking at facts before rendering judgment, Eric Rohmer, Coltrane, reality unfiltered (or as unfiltered as possible), folks who are passionate about something, dumplings, Wong Kar-wai, Carole Lombard, Vertigo, trip-hop, the Chairman of the Board, screwball comedies, and the Boston Red Sox, among a host of other shit.

I expect that if I get any readers at all, it'll be folks looking for opinions on movies. Sorry guys, you all have to wade through the other crap. And I promise future entries, if any, will be funny. Or thought-provoking. Or at least free of spelling errors, though I can't promise impeccable grammar.