Monday, March 06, 2006

A true Hollywoof fairy tale

Hey guys. Have you seen this Myspace movie? It's really, really funny. Check it out.

No, I jest.

The Myspace movie is total crap -- ineptly directed, written and acted, and with one decent joke for its running time (the opening picture-taking). An attempt to lampoon the habits of Myspace users, the movie passes off the kind of trite observations you trade while waiting in line at an amusement park ride. Did you know blurry photos posted on online social networking sites are unreliable? Did you know you shouldn't post stuff on Myspace that you don't want your girlfriend to find out about?

I'd be ashamed to post a blog entry so obvious. But in true Hollywoof fashion, the hack responsible has been rewarded with a deal. I suggest opening a second window or tab to simultaneously work on a sudoku puzzle if you're really curious about watching the thing, just so you won't feel like you'd just wasted eleven minutes of your life.

A lot has been said about the revolution in DIY filmmaking catalyzed by the likes of YouTube. It's lead to the popularity of brilliant amateur work like Brokeback to the Future and the discovery of dudes who made the best SNL spot in ages. Over time, though, I suspect it'll reward mainly folks who can come up with the cleverest promotional gimmick.