Thursday, March 24, 2005

Links of interest

(1) If, like me, you're a pathetic liberal loser who gets gleeful whenever you read old school conservatives bashing the GOdParty, Andrew Sullivan's recent postings will leave you juiced. His article on the contradictions of the modern Republican Party is as articulate an account as you'll find on the subject. Sullivan's also right about one thing: that far from being a blip, this Schiavo case shows the Republican Party sliding towards theocratic insanity. When will sane people step up and stop this country from being run into the ground by these jokers?

(2) Chris Hayes wrote perhaps the most perceptive post-mortem after the election, and now he's got a provocative piece on Democratic party-building. Check it out.

(3) Friendster the movie! Guess that means I'll have to trash my half-completed script. (Hat tip to Splices.)

(4) Oldboy is finally being released this week, to cheers and hisses. Edelstein (to my great surprise) calls it one of the best revenge movies ever, while Scott Foundas writes an open letter to Quentin telling him to foget about Park and pay attention to Hong Sang-soo instead. Speaking of Hong, I just picked up the Turning Gate DVD, which confirms that, yes, the dude rules.

(5) Aegean Disclosure puts up some choice quotes from the "Voices of Dissent" section of that obscure Movie Nerd Survey I'm always making references to. For non-nerds.

(6) Trying to figure out what to read next. I've got a copy of W.G. Sebald's universally acclaimed Austerlitz on my shelf, but I've been meaning to sample P.G. Wodehouse, whose Code of the Woosters beckons me. Also, everyone should read One Hundred Years of Solitude, but the problem is I haven't even cracked open a page each time I take it with me on a trip. A way out of this dilemma? My tentative solution is to simply re-read The Great Gatsby. Anybody else have a better suggestion?

(7) Lastly, this here is a Craig's List type of forum, except for bloggers, called the Bloggers Market. It's just been launched by a Kossack (Daily Kos contributor) named Jeff Davidson. Check it out.