Monday, December 06, 2004

Fuck the BCS

The BCS, like the electoral college, is a ridiculous way to choose a champion. It's just as ridiculous in determining who gets in the major bowls. And every year, no matter how many times they tweak the formula, they fuck it up. Case in point: one team has dominated opponents all year, losing to the No. 1 team in the country on the road by about 9 yards. The coach decided not to run up the score in the last game of the season, despite the pressure to "look impressive". The other got shutout at home against the No. 2 team in the country, and barely squeaked out a win against 4-7 Kansas in its last road game of the year. So who gets in the Rose Bowl (along with $14 million in BCS dough)?

Cal has the longest Rose Bowl drought in the Pac 10. This year, at No. 4, they finally had their best chance in decades. They were in the driver's seat, but then they lost out because of some coaches who may be voting for Texas to help put money in their own coffers (the conference gets to split a share of the BCS spoils). The coaches poll is a joke; and the fact that the Texas head coach shamelessly lobbied the coaches to vote Texas above Cal just adds to the absurdity. By contrast, Cal coach Jeff Tedford decided not to run up the score in the last series, despite the pressure to "look impressive". But guess what? Dignity does not pay. As recent history tells us, best to shamelessly try to do everything to win than take the high road.

Let's not even get to the fact that Big East champ Pitt, at No. 20, gets to play in a BCS bowl, or Auburn now has no chance for a title despite going undefeated in the best conference in college football. This system is plain fucked.