Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Faster Pigs! Faster Battleships!!

Just got rid of some nasty code that's been a drag on visiting browsers. (It's the code, which was unnecessary to begin with.) The site should now resume loading at normal speed, so you're already free to continue to your next destination. Thanks for reading.

Short items: This fun blog documenting wacko entertainment pitches has been getting some attention of late. Also, be sure to check out Wonkette, if you haven't lately. She's been on fire. Last, a good contrarian piece on L'affaire d'Artest, which asks the simple question: Was anybody -- even the NBA -- really "damaged" by the Auburn Hills brawl? Besides the suspended Indiana players, that is. Judging from all the high-minded scolding, you might think this were Abu Ghraib redux or something.

[Grammatical question: should I use "were" or "was" in that last sentence -- "you might think this ________..." If it's "were" (as I suspect it is), what's the rule behind it? Any grammarians here to help? Callan? Morton? D'Angelo? Szeto? Or should I just e-mail Papa Safire?]