Monday, November 08, 2004


Undoubtedly from the same fevered minds who brought you the calculatedly pervy Indiecrap Ripe comes Easy, a tale of a promiscuous woman who evidently learns in the course of the movie that the way to the heart isn't through the loins. Or at least not on the first date. Did our star neglect her Cosmo subscription growing up? What cave did she inhabit in her youth as to cause her to fully miss Rule #1? But maybe there's a less obvious point that the movie is making, one that can't be gathered from the trailer. (Doubtful, but possible.) The selling point, though, isn't the journey, but the image. Just as the salacious Ripe poster made the film an irresistible proposition, so too is this lurid visual pitch hard to turn down:

(Couldn't find the poster on the Web, but it's basically this image with the title "Easy" sitting brazenly in the center.)

Nearly lured by these evil Indiewood marketing geniuses and their provocative one-sheets, the trailer was my salvation, a dreadful sub-If Lucy Fell melange of Sundance cliches. This movie is unbelievably asinine. In fact, I'd urge all aspiring filmmakers should do some detective work and dig up this movie's financiers, so you, too, can con these jackasses into financing your junk. Speaking of junk, the legendary auteur Eric Schaeffer has a new movie out, ingeniously titled Mind the Gap. Mr. Schaeffer, methinks, has a bright future in the gimmick t-shirt business if this movie thing doesn't pan out for him.

Lastly, this is absolutely tragic. Who is this Mike Nichols guy to get in the way of verismilitude, of art, anyway? Fuck him. This is art we're talking about.