Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Trip plans -- Konop, Kerry, etc.

It's been pretty amazing to see how energized folks are getting about the election. Last couple of weeks, I must've gone to three or four Dem fundraising events. Folks like Dan Sallitt screened his (strong, demanding) picture All the Ships at Sea for the Democratic party. A friend of Jo's organized something called KerryVan to register voters in Western swing states. I've donated what I can to America Coming Together, the Democratic National Committee, and MoveOn.

If the registration numbers are any indication, the Democrats have an edge at the grass roots. If Kerry and Bush remain close at the finish, it's likely the ground game in Ohio and Florida that will make the difference. Though I'm usually one of those guys who rail about injustices and stupidity on the front porch in my wifebeaters, this year the stakes are so high that nobody can sit on their ass. I'll be heading out to Ohio on pre-election weekend, with a social stop in NY.

The plan is this:

Fly to New York on October 22. Visits with various law school friends and movie nerds. Possibly catch a few flicks and catch a few of the Sox v. Cards (1946/1967 redux!) World Series games in a NY bar somewhere.

Fly from NY to Columbus on October 28. Plan is to rent a hotel room with a couple of law school friends and spend the weekend canvassing for our pal Ben Konop, who's running a very strong race in OH-4. He's recently picked up a ringing endorsement from the Toledo Blade and has been added to the Kos Dozen candidates that the Daily Kos is doing fundraising for. The Big Mo is with Ben. [Just added: Ben will be appearing on Janeane Garafalo's Majority Report on Air America tonight at 7:30 p.m. ] Wish I had flown out sooner, guys, but I'll do what everything I can that weekend. Also, I want to see if I can do something with ACT, who is helping volunteers with costs.

On Election Day, I'll most likely be volunteering as an election monitor with the Election Protection Volunteer program. Though it helps to have some legal training, anyone can be an election monitor. As the NY Times editorialized yesterday, few programs are more worthy. And best of all, it's nonpartisan -- you're simply doing your part as a citizen to safeguard the democratic process. It's worth looking into.

Those of you in NY and/or Ohio who want to meet up, let me know. In closing, I have a plan. My opponent's plan is more of the same. Thank you.