Thursday, October 07, 2004

A stretch

What does the late and great director Howard Hawks have to do with the presidential debates? Beats the shit out of me. But David Thomson has the audacity to make a torturous connection in a piece published in today's NY Times.

Speaking of the Times op-ed page, Thomas Friedman is back from his sabbatical, and guess what he concluded? He's still right. If only everybody listened to him, we wouldn't be in this mess. Future columns detailing Friedman's infallibility and infinite wisdom to come.

Also, haven't made mention of my media stalking of MoDo (aka Maureen Dowd), the aging Heather who made the media rounds a couple of months back to promote her collected columns of peurile pop psychoanalyses, snarky asides, and tired Oedipal theories on the Bush family. Some people say she's the least telegenic pundit around. And she sounds awfully insecure for a pundit with the best real estate in journalism. But for some reason, even with that Siouxie-styled goth makeup and nasally girlspeak, I still find MoDo kinda hot. Go figure.