Thursday, September 09, 2004

Bush's real campaign video

Vote for Bush because he says so, courtesy of the Daily Show (via One Good Move). As usual, it's better than anything produced by the anti-Bush forces.

Didn't bother with Repug convention, but from the coverage I've witnessed, it's like the Stephen Glass Fan Club, a gathering of shameless fabulists trying desperately to mythologize a pathetically poor commander-in-chief and lying about Kerry's record. It almost worked, too...if it weren't for you damn kids and that stoned dog!

Der Ahnold's full of lies...I mean, self-mythologizing fibs that contradict history, Benito Giuliani distorts Kerry's votes time and again, keynote speaker Zig-Zag Miller channeled Atilla the Hun (then Aaron Burr in challenging Chris Matthews to a duel), Pataki did some clever revisionism by spinning Bush's total disregard for the threat Al Qaeda posed pre-9/11 on Clinton, who, uh, at least tried to bomb Bin Laden and mentioned him as a threat on public record.

Pathetic, really, if these lies weren't actually effective, as we learn time and again.

The only thing I saw was about ten minutes of Dubya's speech. Not a bad speech, from what I saw. But where's Osama bin Laden again?