Thursday, June 24, 2004

Who the fuck cares...

about the Scott Petersen trial? Seriously.

We have a war still raging, a highly charged presidential election, the breakup of the Lakers, the Olympics, the Clinton memoir, some terrific baseball being played[1], summer blockbusters showing at the multiplexes,[2] etc.

I turn on CNN and we've got talking heads dissecting the latest developments in the Scott Petersen case. There were over 100 people killed by insurgents in Iraq yesterday. A guy got beheaded on video. Bill Clinton's book was just released. And the attention of the nation is supposed to focus on some random dude who went psycho? What is the appeal of this story? What the fuck is wrong with the media, and what the fuck is wrong with this country?

Bring back Bennifer! At least then we might see paparazzi upskirt shots of J.Lo in a thong.

[1] Went to my first game of the year, Yankees v. Dodgers. It was electrifying to be at Dodger Stadium when Gagne walks in to the tune of 50,000 fans screaming and his own superGagne logo flashing on the giant teletrons. Time stood still just before the reigning NL Cy Young winner reared back and blew away the reigning AL MVP with 98 mph heat. After A-Rod swung and missed, the usually laid-back Dodger crowd exploded. A great moment; terrific game.

[2] Someone e-mailed me asking whether I have any interest in Hollywood movies at all, pointing to the dearth of summer blockbusters on my Grades for Movies 2004 list as evidence of total arthouse devotion. Dude, I put on my pants on one leg at a time like every other bozo. And I munch on over-buttered popcorn like the rest of you clowns.
So yeah, I'm definitely checking out Bronzed Muscle Men in the Time of Troy and Henry Porter and the Prisoners of Abu Ghraib. And I still may catch Dodgeball, Dreck 2, and Terminally Eh. So get off my back, will you? It's still sore from pulling my tractor.