Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Lakers v. Pistons

Derek Fisher saved the Lakers' season. The only thing standing between the Mailman and the Glove and their first championship was Duncan and the Spurs. Once that lucky shot got the Lakers past the Spurs, it's an easy road. The Wolves, as much as I love KG's game, were simply outmanned.

The Pistons play some ugly game that tangetially relates to basketball. And the Phantom of Auburn Hills, Rick Hamilton, is the hottest player in the playoffs. Perhaps he and his team's weird Jungle Ball game will throw off the Lakers for a game or two, but this series is, for all intents and purposes, a coronation. I hope for a competitive series, but I wouldn't stake two dollars on it. Lakers in five. (Care to differ, Ben?)

Also: Belmont Stakes. Will Smarty Jones, who drew the outside post today, finally take the Triple Crown? Or will he falter at 1 1/2 miles like all of the recent Derby/Preakness winners? Man, it's tempting to bet against that 2-5 line, but I'm rooting for the favorite to win for once. Whatever happens, the Belmont will be more exciting than the NBA Finals.