Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Greencine, the Peet's of online DVD rentals

Three months ago, I cancelled my NetFlix membership and joined Greencine, its artier, SF-based competitor.

NetFlix wasn't bad. They had a good selection, titles readily available for rent, a solid site, and fast delivery. And it wasn't their fault that I held on to the same three discs for three straight months.

But for movie nerds, Greencine is just more complete. They have more art-house and pre-1990 titles, and they've got nerds on their site writing primers about Bollywood and Giallo horror and what not. Plus they donate money to film societies and archives.

Oh, and did I mention they rent "adult" titles? That they have like a thousand adult titles? Not that the promise of renting Amateur College Co-Eds in Bondage #6 is a factor in switching, mind you.

One problem is that they have less copies of each title, so you'll end up waiting on certain titles moreso than you will on NetFlix. (To whomever rented that disc of Maya Deren shorts: watch the disc and mail it back already.) But they've got enough titles that you can always leave thirty movies in the queue, so I don't really sweat it.

Credit cstults for tipping me off, and Waz and McCloud for putting theory into practice.

(Turns out Greecine also has a blog. It's mainly a platform for cross-promotion, but does contain some useful DVD info. Also of note: the blog links to the Auteurist Zombies. Good job getting your name out there, AZs.)