Friday, February 20, 2004

Ralph Nader -- Supreme Fuckhead Commander of Fuckheads

At one time, the one-time consumer advocate would've left a fine, if debatable, legacy. Now, if these "indications" are true, and he runs for President again, he's just a contemptible egomaniac. His "twiddle dee, twiddle dum" crap in 2000 was bad enough, but can anyone who's paying any fucking attention to the world today still insist that Nader's bullshit is valid? What a fucking nutcase. If anyone votes for this assclown this time around, they do deserve a second round of the worst Adminstration of the last 50 years. And while the Nader Voters in 2000 frustrated the living hell out of me, at least in that election there existed the possibility that Shrub would be relatively moderate and possibly competent. Now we know better. Or is "not selling out" still more important than, y'know, the direction of the country and the world?