Friday, February 13, 2004

Pixies Reunited for Coachella

So their reunion is not exactly news, but the Pixies co-headlining of the Coachella Music Festival outside of Palm Springs will mark the official kickoff of the reunion tour. Last year, I only attended one day (saw: The Stooges reunited, Underworld, Sonic Youth, Jack Johnson, Thievery Corporation, Cafe Tacuba, etc.), cutting out the Beastie Boys, N.E.R.D., etc. This year, can either day be sacrificed?


Highlight: See subject header.
Must-see: Radiohead
Will check out: Stereolab, Deathcab for Cutie, Wilco, Kraftwerk, Kinky, Trail of the Dead
Curious about: Future Sound of London
Buzz band: The Rapture
Any dope on... Hieroglyphics, LCD Soundsystem, everyone else?

Number of acts playing on Saturday I've seen live: 4 (Radiohead, Stereolab, Wilco, Mark Farina).


Highlight: Flaming Lips.
Must-sees: Air, The Cure (for old time's sake)
Will check out: Basement Jaxx, Le Tigre, Bright Eyes, Belle & Sebastian, Crystal Method, Mogwai
Curious about: Ash, Laurent Garnier, Cursive
Buzz act: Dizzie Rascal
Any dope on... B.R.M.C., Atmosphere, everyone else?

Number of acts playing on Sunday I've seen live: 4 (The Cure, The Lips, B&S, Paul van Dyke).

Really wish they brought in a few more hip hop acts (Blackalicious? A Neptunes act?), though. Also, might've been nice if the rumored inclusion of the Shins (whose shows sold out last week) and/or The Postal Service took place. And why not The New Pornographers? Arab Strap? But really, very little to complain about.

If anyone have any tips about the acts playing at this festival, let me know. Bastards of Young, that means you.