Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Top 5 Karaoke Hits

Okay, I've been in Asia for the last two weeks and haven't had time to blog. In the meantime, some random, 5-minute posts.

The trick in picking out a karaoke repertoire is to sing cheesy, fun songs that aren't also ultra-grating (for that, most of you will be glad that you were never within a five mile radius of my rendition of "Sweet Child O' Mine." For those with awful vocal range, songs preferably with a rich low timbre and low range works best. Also, shtick is good.

Currently, this is my repertoire, with room for random Carpenters or popular alternative rock songs (read: "Wonderwall" and "Creep"). Keep in mind most karaoke joints are not gonna be stocking Neutral Milk Hotel or anything.

1. "Paint It Black", Rolling Stones. The droning verse is so awesome.
2. "Kissing a Fool", George Michael. Should I be copping to this in a public forum?
3. "I've Got You Under My Skin", Frank Sinatra. Or "Fly Me to the Moon", but that's a hard one.
4. "Your Song", Elton John. Cheese city.
5. "Suspicious Minds", Elvis. Though I think "Now or Never" might be the better Elvis choice.

New fave: "Perfect Day", Lou Reed. You can chainsmoke Camel nonfilters and still dust off some Papa Reed no prob.
Clear the room: "Zombie", The Cranberries.

5 Songs I wished those damn K-town noraebahns would stock:

1. "Sexy Sadie", The Beatles. Keeping with the White Album, "Happiness is a Warm Gun" would also be awesome.
2. "Tame", The Pixies. Or "Debaser" or "Here Comes Your Man".
3. "Low", R.E.M. I just want to sing this ridiculous song just once.
4. "Bring the Noise", Public Enemy. Bass, how low can you go?
5. "When I'm with You", Sheriff. Okay, they probably have this insanely awesome Eighties power ballad somewhere, I've just never bothered to look for it.

Also: "New Slang", The Shins; "Stephanie Says"/"Caroline Says"/"Who Loves the Sun", The Velvets; "Dirty Boots", Sonic Youth; "Spanish Bombs", The Clash; "The Blowers Daughter", Damien Rice; "It's a Man's Man's Man's World", James Brown; "Sour Times", Portishead.

I'm sure I'm missing a bunch.