Wednesday, May 05, 2004

A new low in the annals of sports sellouts

Spidey webs will be put on bases in MLB games over a June weekend to promote Spidey 2.

Besides the placement sellout angle, I don't really get this cross-promotion. Aren't Spider-Man's webs supposed to be impossibly sticky, so better to ensnare the likes of Doc Ock? You put those webs on the bases and even fleet-footed Marlin Juan Pierre shouldn't be able to swipe second. He'd be stuck on first.

A lame idea all around.

Also, according to this story, the Yankees and Red Sox reportedly net $100,000 from selling out, while less wealthy teams only net $50,000. Huh? I mean, shouldn't we wait for Shrub to lose his re-election [sic] bid before we make him Commissioner of Major League Baseball?